My name is Erlinda Quijano Alegre.

I grew up in different orphanages,  although I have a family I really had a hard time living during my teenage and college years because I felt so alone, in spite of having many supportive people around me.

I am a very simple person, God-fearing, caring, talented and trustworthy.

I am a highly motivated, and experienced clown party hostess with the ability to liaise well with clients In my college days..

I am blogging:

  • About my life story and real-experiences.
  • To share all the lessons I got from being a stubborn, addicted, heart-broken, a street child, and an orphan.
  • For all the working students, teenagers, single parents, grand mothers and abused who are feeling down and hopeless.

I will be here every end of the month

On my next issue I will feature:

  • The people/organization/congregation who help/rescued me.
  • A glimpse of being a happy grandmother.




If you have any queries/suggestions don’t hesitate to message me or leave a comment below


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