New Year’s Wish

I have been with my grandsons for 1 year and that was the great day of my life again.  They thought me how to be a better parent, they made me studious because I always research how to handle a kid in Google whenever they show tantrums, manipulation, sadness, or find what interests them at their age, toys appropriate etc.

I remember Zophiel on his daycare days.  At first, he was afraid to enter the classroom because he does not know anyone, I explained to him that nobody really knows each other on everyone’s first day of the class and he accepted it innocently. I don’t know how we survive from struggling in time because I and my daughter are in shifting to look after them. That time I have to go to work at 9 am and my daughter should arrive before 9 and the idea did work.

What I always put in his mind every morning is that he is good, respectful and a leader wherein it is true according to his teacher. I am very supportive of him because he “needs” it. I know exactly how it feels to be like a ball, “today I’m with my mother tomorrow on my father’s side” and It’s not easy. He wants both and I can’t fill that emptiness so I really strive to help him find his passion so he can express his feelings creatively.

Both are no longer staying with me so my wish for Yuri and Zophiel before the year 2017 ends to be brave facing their new life and adventures.  I’m very excited to see them both again after new year when I visit

For now, I’m focusing on myself on how to get fit.  it’s time to rebuild my confidence

It’s time to wake up early and go for a walk, eat less and workout more.

So tomorrow is my countdown and my goal is for 3 months


So, to all grandmothers out there let’s start the year healthy, loving and smiling.




                                                                                 HAPPY NEW YEAR!




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